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Head Lawyer - Nº 4350 ICALPA

Graduated in Law by the ULPGC (completed in 2008), previously studied economic studies, diploma in Administration and Finance (2003).

During the bachelor’s degree, she studied additional studies in family law, and criminal law. She has a Master’s degree from Alfonso X el Sabio University, in Legal Practice (2010), Expert in Mediation and Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution (2014), and Expert in Business Legal Advice, from the University of Business and Businesses, Escoex (2016).

Cristina Batista
Lawyer - Nº 5355 ICALPA

After finishing her basic studies in the Arenas Bilingual School, Cristina went to study law at the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (ULPGC), where she obtained her degree in 2010.

In 2012 she studied a Master’s degree in Labor Advising which was completed in 2013. After it, she turned her attention to the civil law, deeply studying commercial agreements and contracts and specialised in enforcement procedures. In 2019 she studied Data Protection Law , Marketing and Sales.

In 2020 she finished a Masters in Human Resources Management & International Master of Business Administration in University of Isabel I de España & European Business school of Barcelona, where she also obtained an expertise in Coaching and NLP.
She speaks Spanish and English.

Lawyer - Nº5379 ICALPA

Adrián obtained his Law at Granada University in 2008, and made his internship in an international law firm in Munich. In 2009 and 2010 he worked for Le Morne Brabant, a law firm with offices in Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and Alicante.

During his time with Le Morne Brabant he completed his Masters degree in Business Law at Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid and was admitted to the Bar Association in 2010. In 2010 he moved to LJ Abogados & Asociados and in February 2013 he relocated to Gran Canaria to take up a senior post at Canarian Legal Alliance. Adrián specialises in Civil and Business Law and speaks English, German and Italian.

Aroa Farray Martín [Nº 4403 ICALP]
Lawyer - Nº 4403 ICALPA

Aroa realizó sus estudios en la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, habiendo obtenido la Licenciatura de Derecho en el año 2006, posteriormente hizo un Master de Defensa Jurídica y Derecho de Tribunales en la Universidad Alfonso X el sabio. Obtuvo el título de especialista en mediación civil y mercantil y resolución extrajudicial de conflictos y el título de especialista en arbitraje multidisciplinar en el año 2014. Habla inglés.

Comenzó su andadura profesional en Banca, trabajando desde el año 2007 hasta el año 2008 en el Banco Popular. En el año 2008 comenzó a trabajar como Abogada para un despacho especializado en accidentes de tráfico, habiéndose especializado en este tipo de asuntos, tanto en jurisdicción civil como penal. Desde el año 2009 hasta el año 2017 trabajó para “Rivero & Mendoza Abogados”, posteriormente denominado “Mendoza Martín Abogados”, despacho multidisciplinar donde se especializó en jurisdicción civil y penal, especializándose igualmente en la tramitación de asuntos de derechos de aprovechamiento por turnos hasta el Tribunal Supremo.

En el año 2017 comenzó la colaboración profesional con CLA formando parte del departamento jurídico de la empresa.

Hector Cachero
Lawyer - Nº 6171 ICALPA
Christine Ihmann
German / Spanish Lawyer
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Christine studied law at the University of Bochum and finished it with the degree (the first state exam) in 2003.

After 2 years of legal traineeship at the court of Bochum she acquired in 2005 with the second state exam the title of fully qualified lawyer.

In Spain she had her title recognized at the University of Avila in 2013.

Oscar Ojeda Suárez
Lawyer - Nº 6579 ICALPA
Himar Iglesias Pérez
Lawyer - Nº 6252 ICALPA

Associate number 6252 Diploma in Tourism from the ULPGC and Graduate in Law from the ULPGC

Lawyer - Nº 3563 ICALPA

Óscar studied law at the University of Trieste, Italy and at Las Palmas, Spain, obtaining his degree in 2001. In 2003 he completed his masters in real-estate Law.

Like Miguel Santana he went on to open up his own successful law practice prior to forming the alliance Mesan Abogados with Miguel in 2006. Since 2010 he has also been undertaking pro bono work as a court appointed lawyer.

Lawyer - Nº3552 ICALPA

Miguel studied law at the University of Las Palmas and obtained his degree in 2000. In 2002 he completed his master degrees in IT law in Madrid and soon after he set up his own practice.

Following his own personal success in his own firm he formed an alliance with Oscar Gonzalez and together they set up Mesan Abogados.