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About us

Welcome to Canarian Legal Alliance, the European leader in timeshare litigation.

In 2009, we were approached by timeshare owners who sought for legal advise to terminate their timeshare contracts as felt misled in the way these had been sold. They were unable to extricate themselves from these ‘life long’ agreements and had to face the fact, that their timeshare had no value on the resale market either.

Word soon spread that there were lawyers in Gran Canaria who were prepared to take on these cases against the timeshare giants, who not only had the advantage of endless pots of money, but also a large army of lawyers.

As number of cases rapidly grew, Canarian Legal Alliance was created to act on behalf of these clients and now together with a multilingual administrative team, we assist timeshare owners from all over the Europe, including Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and Spain.

It has not been an easy task as the laws which came into force on 5th January 1999 had never been tested or challenged in court.  But this did not daunt us, we pursued the cases with determination and vigor.  In 2015, the first timeshare case was heard in Spain by the Supreme Court in Madrid and we received our first judgement which was a favorable sentence.  Legal history had been created and precedents set!

More rulings quickly followed, and this now stands at 129 Supreme Court Victories, another milestone in Spanish legal history.  Currently we have over 3000 clients being helped to reclaim their money and this figure increases daily!

Timeshare is not our only specialty – we cover all aspects of law including litigation against mortgage providers who have in many cases flouted the law, bringing misery to many families.

If you require legal advice on any matter in Spanish law then look no further, Canarian Legal Alliance is here to provide you with the very best legal service in Spain.