Canarian Legal Alliance is always proud to have visits from clients who have achieved a successful court claim. On this occasion we received a visit from German family Brechbühl who entrusted us with their case against Anfi Resorts. Family Brechbühl are now able to boast…

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El Diario Reports on Silverpoint Once Again.

El Diario report has once again published another article about Silverpoint and this highlights the same attempt to avoid and delay payments ordered by the courts as in previous articles. The State Prosecutors Office in Tenerife has also instigated investigations into the movement of funds…

El Diario Once Again Reports on Anfi

El Diario published another report on Anfi and a recent court case in which the courts have awarded back over 300.000€, one of the largest convictions registered against the Anfi Group. The report also highlights the refusal of Anfi to voluntarily payout our clients and…

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More Silverpoint Properties Embargoed

Canarian Legal Alliance is pleased to inform all our clients that our lawyers have achieved more embargoes on Silverpoint properties on behalf of our clients. The courts have placed these embargoes to ensure that our clients receive the money which the court has ordered Silverpoint…

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More News on Silverpoint Published by El Diario

On 7 October the Spanish Daily Newspaper El Diario published another report on Silverpoint and the Prosecutors Office investigation into possible criminal charges. The investigation as reported by El Diario focuses on the selling of properties by Silverpoint and the decapitalization in order to avoid…

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