Ensure you get your dates right.

How many of us write our dates in an abbreviated form such as 1/1/20? Most of us do, but this year it is very important to write the year in full especially when it comes to any financial and legal documents or even if you…


Canarian Legal Alliance would like to inform all of the clients of the current change with regard to the legal situation of Silverpoint Vacations SL. The company has presented, at the Mercantile Courts, a declaration of insolvency & provisional liquidation (Concurso de Acreedores), on the…

start the year with a bang
Start the Year with a Bang

Welcome to the start of 2020 with Canarian Legal Alliance, we ended 2019 with a review of another record-breaking year and continue with that success on the first working day of the New Year with 5 sentences being returned by the Court of First Instance…

2019, The Year In Brief

If we thought 2018 was a good year then 2019 has been phenomenal, we have seen the courts entirely changing how they deal with cases and the proliferation of enforcement orders. In total CLA has 1795 live cases at court, with this figure set to…

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