2018 June

Case Study

Client Nationality: English Defendant Resort: Silverpoint Resolution Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Judicial Level: High Court Case Type: Civil Timeshare Structure: Timeshare Resolution Period: 2.5 years Amount Awarded: over 29,500€ Client Story: Our clients explained to us that they were pressured into buying timeshare…


As usual Canarian Legal Alliance starts its week with yet another incredible Anfi Resorts court success. The magistrate of the First Instance Court N4 in Maspalomas Gran Canaria ruled our clients contract null and void on the basis that it did not include any end…

Anfi Payout

Canarian Legal Alliance is pleased to announce a recent  PAYOUT to one of our Norwegian clients from ANFI   Our delighted  clients won their case at the Supreme  Court, where the judges declared their contract null and void for the serious infringements committed by Anfi They have now received …