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Canarian Legal Alliance is a new innovative law firm which provides a comprehensive range of services to international clients wishing to pursue legal disputes in Spain.

Whilst our team of highly skilled, multilingual lawyers covers a wide range of legal services from family law through to real estate and commercial law our main specialty is that of Timeshare Law.

Timeshare Law is a very specific field and our growth in this particular area has been driven by sheer demand. Many of our international clients have fallen victim to defective and at times illegal timeshare contracts and we are delighted to have been able to help them get their money back in full.

Even when a full refund hasn’t been possible then we have been able to cancel the contract thereby releasing our clients from the burden of their ever increasing maintenance fees and monthly loan repayments..

We believe our firm offers a service over and above that of other law firms.
Not only are we specialists in our chosen fields but we excel in customer services.
With multilingual staff and modern and effective communication mediums we ensure that all our clients feel relaxed and in control throughout the entire legal process. We know that taking legal action in a foreign country can be daunting but with Canarian Legal Alliance the process couldn’t be easier.