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Today we are delighted to be starting the week with ANOTHER Anfi victory. This time for our Norwegian clients.

The court of the First Instance SBT2 once again made another clear and definite ruling in our client’s favour by declaring our client’s contract with Anfi null and void and demanding back 30.835€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS COSTS

In passing sentence the Judged demanded repayment of 11.801€ in respect of amounts paid on the contracts PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 19.034€ in respect of deposits taken illegally within the statutory cooling off period taking our clients total awarded amount to 30.835€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS LEGAL FEES.

Of course, we fully expect Anfi to appeal this decision and of course, we fully expect that this appeal will fail…….

So in the meantime, as a matter of standard practice, CLA will apply to the court for a provisional execution of these funds. This will force Anfi to deposit these funds with the court thereby securing them 100% for our clients until the sentence is confirmed by the High Court.

Congratulations again to our Norwegian clients and to our Claims Consultant Stefan Johannesen and our lawyers Eva Gutierrez and Cristina Batista.

Click here to view the court document

September 13, 2021