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Canarian Legal Alliance is both delighted and excited to share with you today our MOST SIGNIFICANT news ever.

In a GROUNDBREAKING ruling against ANFI,THE SUPREME COURT OF MADRID declared our clients’ contract with ANFI to be NULL AND VOID and in doing so set an important precedent for future claims.


After a long battle through the judicial system in Gran Canaria, one that saw us win in the first instance and win in the appeal process, we were then challenged by Anfi in the Supreme Court of Madrid.

In a clear and unprejudiced sentence that will undoubtedly send a significant shockwave through the Timeshare Industry THE SUPREME COURT supported the preceding High Court sentence which ruled in favour of our client against Anfi by declaring their contracts NULL AND VOID in accordance with the EU Directive.



In the detailed ruling various infringements of the Timeshare Law were highlighted but we feel the most significant to bring to your attention is the following:

ILLEGALITY OF THE TAKING OF DEPOSITS during the cooling off period, even if it was done by a third party, as established in the 42/98 Timeshare Act

ILLEGALITY OF IN PERPETUITY timeshare ownership rights for contracts signed after 1999 in accordance with the 42/98 Timeshare Act.


These infringements are serious enough to render the contracts RADICALLY NULL AND VOID, meaning that there is NO TIME RESTRICTION for a claim of this kind. However long ago the client signed their contract and even if they have been using their timeshare weeks during this time they are still entitled to make a valid claim.


Needless to say we are delighted with this outcome. Not only for our client who has been awarded OVER 40.000€ (original purchase price PLUS double the deposit) PLUS interest PLUS legal fees, but for all our other clients who are still fighting their claims in the courts. As we said previously this hugely significant ruling will have an enormous positive impact on their claims.


Of course we would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the legal team who have worked tirelessly to bring this case to such a fantastic conclusion and who continue to help our misled timeshare owners achieve justice through the Spanish legal system.
If you would like to know if you can benefit from this ruling CONTACT US now.


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April 1, 2015

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