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CLA end of year update

With Christmas but a week away and 2016 now firmly in view, it is time to reflect on the year now past and put into perspective everything that has happened.


To say 2015 has been exciting year for us here at Canarian Legal Alliance would be to put in lightly. In March  we saw the first ever Timeshare Supreme Court sentence against Anfi del Mar, only to achieve a second one but a three month later and a third just last month. Since then we have not only witnessed changes to Spanish jurisprudence and law but increases in both speed of claim resolutions and resort pay-outs.


We are now in a situation whereby resorts appear to no longer be pursuing court appeals due to fears that it might create yet further Supreme Court rulings, while deposits, perpetuity contracts and floating weeks are now illegal, which has forced Timeshare groups to rethink the way they sell products providing greater buyers protection for consumers.


These figures will help to highlight our performance in 2015.

–          53 court victories across Spanish lower and higher courts in 2015

–          3 Supreme Court victories achieved in 2015

–          9 new cases accepted into review by the Supreme Court in 2015

–          1,419,719.68€ won back for clients in 2015

–          548,497.74€ already paid back!


Although both our clients and employees have come a long way, there is still much work to be done. We remain confident that 2016 will bring with it even more positive change and outdo those achievements made throughout 2015.


As many of you will be aware, the Spanish courts tend to slow down over the holiday season and as such we do not expect to receive any updates until after Kings Day on the 07th of January. Should you have any questions about your case please do get in touch, but please bear in mind we are unlikely to have updates or news until after this date.



We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year from the entire CLA team.

December 22, 2015

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