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CLA Supreme court success against Puerto Calma ( Holiday Club )

A Case of Calma?

If you a regular visitor on our website you will know that the Supreme Court has ruled on many occasions now deeming both floating weeks and perpetuity contracts illegal.

scpc-sentenceToday Canarian Legal Alliance is pleased to announce a significant decision from the Supreme Court featuring a client owning Puerto Calma (Holiday Club).

The clients knew they were buying timeshare but the resort tried to imply to our clients that they were buying a share of the ownership of a property, and the documents were signed in the presence of a notary giving the process greater credibility in their eyes. Puerto Calma claimed that this was not a timeshare purchase and therefore not bound by the timeshare laws.

The Supreme Court has ruled firstly that this IS timeshare, that the laws DO apply, and that the contract of 50 years therefore IS illegal.

The contracts were declared null and void, the clients were returned £235,542 of their money, plus legal fees and legal interest.

They are understandably delighted and we are proud to have been able to represent these clients in recovering such a significant sum of money.

If YOU have a timeshare and want to see if you can get your money back, CONTACT US today for a FREE; NO OBLIGATION assessment.



September 21, 2016

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