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CLA was LOUD from Success

Yes, just a week ago Canarian Legal Alliance was loud whilst celebrating justice for misled timeshare consumers.

At the the beginning of April CLA once again made Spanish legal history, with the 100th ruling from the Supreme Court, the highest raking court in Spain. With all these rulings we have not only established various jurisprudence in timeshare related matters, as the first and only law firm specialised in these cases, but have reconfirmed them again and again and again and….


By now we have actually achieved more than 110 favourable sentences from the court of Madrid not taking into account the other hundreds from lower courts , so our celebration will definitely not stop. We keep strengthening the protection for timeshare owners in Spain.


Canarian Legal Alliance would like to congratulate and thank our clients for the trust they put in us, we also thank all the team at CLA from admin to the lawyers for all the hard work and dedication they have shown.


In appreciation of their hard work, Canarian Legal Alliance held a celebration party  for all the staff and lawyers. It was a wonderful end to a very busy month and certainly lifted moral by coming together to celebrate these momentous events.


May 4, 2018

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