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Consumer Warning




On many occasions we have advised our clients and readers to ignore the false allegations made by Alberto Garcia on his “Consumer Association” website.

We have also explained that he has very clear connections with timeshare organisations and in particular Resort Properties/Silverpoint. In fact we have gone even further by saying that not only does he have connections with them but that he is actually paid by them.

We now have WRITTEN EVIDENCE from a client which proves exactly what we have been saying.

When the client went back to Resort Properties they pressurised him into withdrawing his claim against them, they then pressurised him into making false allegations about the lawyers who had prepared his case AND then pressurised him into signing a Power of Attorney in favour of Mindtimeshare.


As soon as the client realised that he had again been the victim of another scam he immediately cancelled his agreement with Mindtimeshare and Silverpoints. Happily we can tell you that the client’s case against Resort Properties/Silverpoints is now very much advanced and in the court awaiting trial and this particular client will now instigate criminal proceedings against Mindtimeshare and Alberto Garcia for the gross misrepresentations they made to him.

Whatever Alberto Garcia claims this is CLEAR PROOF that he in the pocket of Resort Properties/Silverpoint.

But what is even more appalling is that not only does he know that they ARE STILL SELLING A VERY QUESTIONABLE PRODUCT this is proof that he is actually now PART OF THE SELLING PROCESS

Despite his claims, there is absolutely NO WAY he cannot know about all the criminal and civil actions against Resort Properties/Silverpoints. Someone this close to a company cannot deny having that kind of knowledge – it’s impossible.

There are 215 CRIMINAL cases in court number 3 in Arona and SEVERAL HUNDRED CIVIL cases against Resort Properties/Silverpoints.

Only this week one client of CLA won her case against Resort Properties/Silverpoints and was awarded ALL HER MONEY BACK  PLUS THE JUDGE  DECLARED THE CONTRACT NULL AND VOID.


Click the image to read the sentence.

How come none of these facts are ever reported by his “Consumer Association”?

It is a FACT that Alberto Garcia currently has both CRIMNAL and CIVIL claims against him in the Spanish courts for the gross misrepresentations and false allegations he makes on his web site.

If you have had a similar experience with Resort Properties/Silverpoints/Mindtimeshare then we urge you to contact us ASAP.

October 4, 2013

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