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Family Müller’s Speedy Resolution

Canarian Legal Alliance is overjoyed to start the week with some great news for Family Müller! Our clients from Germany just been to the court last week to attend their trial, and we have already received their favorable sentence! yes, within 7 days! Court number one of Maspalomas declared their contract null and void with Anfi with the return of the corresponding fees! More details to follow soon.
After the many rulings from the Supreme court what our law firm achieved in the past years it is no surprise that we are experiencing every day faster resolutions from the courts.
And not only the judge was in a hurry to dictate this sentence but the whole legal system was working in the favour of our clients´rights, as their case was presented in May last year, meaning that in less than a year they concluded their case.
Congratulations for the whole legal team and a big thank you for our clients for their trust in us.
March 13, 2017

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