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On 10th March, 2014 our lawyer, Adrian Díaz Saavedra Morales attended ‘The Timeshare Project & Similar Products’ meeting organized by The European Consumer Centre (ECC).

Also in attendance were ECC representatives from United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany, the General Director of Tourism from the Canary Islands government together with representatives from various timeshare companies and associations.

Among the key topics discussed was the Directive 2008/122/EC, of 6th July which regulates timesharing in Spain and how it can be implicated, as well as the major problems that consumers of these holiday products have to deal together with suggestions as to how consumer protection regulations can be more effective.

The Canarian Legal Alliance actively participated in the meeting, conveying our practical experience with regards to judicial proceedings and out of court reclamations by consumers affected by timeshare, long term holiday products and other timeshare like products.  We were able to describe ‘real’ cases’ whereby agreements have been annulled by the Courts or where cases have reached an ‘out of court’ settlement for the clients.

The outcome of this meeting was extremely positive and beneficial, as we were able to exchange experiences, points of views and real solutions to the problems that affect this type of consumer.

We are extremely grateful to the European Consumer Centre in Spain for the invitation to attend this meeting and we look forward to attending further meetings in the future.


March 17, 2014

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