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Payout from HILTON GRAND VACATION CLUB ……formerly Diamond Resort International

When it was announced that Hilton Grand Vacation Club paid $1.4 Billion, for the purchase of Diamond Resorts, which was back in March 2021, with the deal being finalised this August, many speculated as to what this would mean for Diamond members.

Among legal circles in Europe, especially Spain where Diamond is one of the major developers in the spotlight, there was much discussion as to what it would mean to the clients they represent.

As a law firm Canarian Legal Alliance has been at the forefront of ensuring the rights of their clients are fully recognised by the courts, this, in turn, has created legal history, such as the very first ruling against timeshare in Spain’s Supreme Court.

Even we had to wonder what impact this news would have for our clients, it was a case of exploring the legal possibilities, putting legal procedures in place if later required and continuing with the tested methods in place at this time.

It is only one month since the acquisition was finalised. We do have to wonder if the news we received today has been influenced by Hilton?

Today we have been able to give Fantastic news to one of our English clients who have trusted us to litigate on their behalf against Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd Sucursal En España.

The Court of First Instance No 1, of Fuengirola, has notified us they have received funds into the court’s account to be paid to our client who won their case against Diamond.

The ruling in favour of our client was made in December 2020, when the court declared the contract, which was a points-based system, null & void. This was totally in line with the many rulings of the Supreme Court.

Spain’s Highest Court has been very clear and consistent that points and floating weeks are illegal, as there is a clear lack of objective in the contracts.

On behalf of the client, the team of highly qualified lawyers of CLA, had initiated the “enforcement” ruling as soon as possible, this led to the court ordering an embargo on bank accounts for the company Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd Sucursal En España.

Our client is now set to receive over 17.000€, plus legal interest and legal fees, so congratulations to our client and also the entire legal team whose efforts have been outstanding.

With Hilton Grand Vacations purchase of Diamond Resorts, and a company with a long and prestigious reputation now in ownership, it is certainly expected that future payouts will be even faster.

September 10, 2021