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Silverpoint Court Case

Once again we are delighted to announce another fabulous win against Resort Properties/Silverpoint

Again the judge from the Court in Arona has declared our clients’ contract with Resort Properties null and void.




For our client not only does this mean that they are released from the burden of their contracts – they will also receive a settlement of 70.000€ as the judge ordered Silverpoints to repay them the total purchase price of all their contracts, to repay double the amount of any of the deposits taken in the cooling off period and to pay any interest accrued.

In passing his sentence not only did the Judge acknowledged several breaches of the Timeshare Law he also acknowledged that Silverpoint was trying to avoid their responsibilities by confusing  both the clients and the legal system with their network of different companies and names.

We would like to congratulate our clients on their success and also congratulate the legal and administration team who helped secure this victory – well done!

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October 21, 2013

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