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Between 2005 and 2015 we made three purchases of timeshare property at Anfi Resorts in Gran Canaria.

Following conversations with fellow time-share owners, and media coverage that under Spanish Law, timeshare properties purchased on a “floating basis”  were not legal, we investigated this further using various tools available to us, such as checking out the internet, since the three purchases made by ourselves were on a “floating basis”.

As a result of our personal investigations, we were recommended to approach the legal firm of Canarian Legal Alliance in Arguineguin.    Before we made contact with CLA, we did our own research on the internet and decided to approach CLA to have them clarify our position.

Our first approach was made in September, 2016, and we found that throughout our dealings with CLA, everything was explained in plain language and in great detail, relative to the procedure should we decide that we wished to have CLA act on our behalf by raising the appropriate legal action.

We were asked to provide CLA with a resume of how each of the purchases had been dealt with by the Anfi Reps, and once CLA was in possession of this information, they acknowledged all correspondence which was sent to them, and kept us fully in the picture of how our claim was proceeding, that is, from the preparation by them, to presentation at court in December, 2017.   As a result of the court hearing, we were advised that we would be required to personally be present at the Supreme Court in Maspalomas on the 4th of April.    We made the relevant travel arrangements (we live some 16 miles north of Aberdeen in Scotland with no direct flights to Gran Canaria at that time of year), CLA arranged accommodation for us in Arguineguin, and prior to our court date, we met with the lawyer from CLA who would be representing us to advise us the court procedure on the day.   CLA also arranged for a taxi to take us from Arguineguin to Maspalomas on the day of the court hearing.

On the 16th of May, we were informed by the Solicitor dealing with us from CLA that the judge had ruled in our favour, and it was now a case of the purchase monies to be refunded by Anfi.

Over the past 20 months, from our first contact with CLA until notification of settlement, we have been kept fully in the picture with regular updates on progress, and if, at any time, we had a query or concern, no matter how small, it was never too much trouble to respond with a suitable answer.

We have been delighted with the manner in which CLA dealt with our claim and ourselves throughout this case, the lawyer, solicitor and staff were very explicit,  friendly, helpful, supportive and exceptionally professional in dealing with all aspects of our claim, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other time-share owners who find themselves in a similar situation.


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