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“After pursuing our claim against Siverpoint, we finally had our court case.

Initially our case was refused on a technicality by one judge.  CLA, however found another judge who would look at our case. On 14th September 2017 the court accepted that our case was strong enough to be heard.

We were advised by CLA that the trial would take place on the 19th of June 2018 at 11.30 hrs. at the Court of First Instance No.3 of Arona, Tenerife.  This we had to cancel due to health reasons.

new Trial date was arranged to take place on the 16/01/2019 at 12.30 hrs at the Court of First Instance No.3 of Arona, Tenerife. We would need to see our lawyer the day before the trial.

On 15th January we were collected from our accommodation and taken by car to meet him.  He put us at our ease and told us the sort of questions we would be asked.

Our lawyer explained the makeup of the court.  Everything would be recorded and filmed, and the proceedings would be translated for us as it went along. He also suggested that only one of us would speak in court and we chose Mrs Hyde as spokesperson.

The next day we were again collected and taken to the court by car. The case went as had been predicted by our lawyer, who advised us afterwards that we would have to wait a few months before finding out the outcome of the case. We were returned to our accommodation by car.

On the 5th July we were advised that we had been successful with our case and Silverpoint has been ordered to pay us back £47,501 plus legal interests.

We now wait to see if Silverpoint are going to appeal the judgement.

We had gone to court with some trepidation, but on realising there were only 7 or 8 people in court it was not at all intimidating. In fact everyone in court including the judge spoke to us in English as well as having a professional translator who dealt with the court proceedings.

Kind Regards

Tony and Ann Hyde “

We would like to take this time to thank family Hyde and to congratulate on this amazing outcome!

July 25, 2019

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