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Today we would like to share with you a letter we received from one of our German clients.

Like our clients from the last 4 days they too had their case recently concluded – and we couldn’t be happier for them.

We can inform you that the amount has just entered our account. We are very happy about it, as we feared that due to the economic situation, we would not receive this settlement amount either. We thank you for the successful work of your company and for representing our interests. The judgment reached was optimal and would have been fantastic for us if we had made the decision to commission your company a few years earlier.
With best regards
Mr and Mrs Bohn

It’s always great to hear back from clients in recognition of the service we have provided. Everyone at CLA is dedicated to ensuring all our clients get the legal redress they deserve. Their tireless pursuit of justice takes them way beyond their obligated duties and their consistent and reliable results reflect this. Even in this current economic climate, one of the worst in history and where everyone is feeling exposed and vulnerable the team at CLA have not faltered. They have not taken their foot off the accelerator for one moment because right now, more than ever, they know the importance of getting clients’ money back to them as soon as possible.

As readers of our web page know we have made huge progress in the speed in which we are able to process claims so if you have a timeshare problem don’t wait, contact us as soon as possible. The quicker we can prepare your case the quicker we can get you your money back. As you can see from Mr and Mrs Bohn – they wish they had come to us sooner…………

So thank you Mr and Mrs Bohn for giving us the opportunity to represent you and thank you for your kind words – they really do mean a lot to us.

January 15, 2021