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Today we are delighted to be sharing with you ANOTHER High Court victory – This time for our German clients.

High Court number 5 have finalised our clients claim against Anfi by awarding them 65.963€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS COSTS –28.000€ MORE THAN THEY ORIGINALLY PAID – WHAT A FANTASTIC RESULT!!!

Our clients won their claim against Anfi in the courts of the First Instance SBT 4 when the Judge declared our clients’ contract with Anfi null and void and demanded a FULL REPAYMENT.

Once again, because of the legal precedent set in relation to deposits taken illegally within the statutory cooling off period which states any such amounts should be repaid back in DOUBLE, our clients were awarded 28.000€ MORE THAN THEY ORIGINALLY PAID!

As expected Anfi appealed this decision……and as expected they LOST

High Court number 4 completely dismissed the appeal from Anfi, agreed 100% with the sentence passed by the court of the First Instance and  confirmed the full refund to our clients of 65.963€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS COSTS.

Following recent events CLA will now proceed to collect these fees through the Mercantile Court.

Congratulations again to our German clients and to our Claims Consultant Eva Richter and our lawyers Eva Gutierrez and Christine Ihmann.

Click here to view the court document

November 16, 2021