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So here we go again…… with an ANOTHER fail for Anfi and ANOTHER success for Canarian Legal Alliance.

When the court of the First Instance SBT4 declared our Dutch clients contract with Anfi null and void and ordered the repayment of 32.056€ PLUS INTEREST of course Anfi lodged an appeal……..

It will be of no surprise to any of our regular readers that their appeal failed……..

High Court No 5 agreed 100% with the sentence passed by the court of the First Instance and also demanded the repayment of 32.056€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS COSTS.    

We get asked time and time again WHY do Anfi appeal sentences the KNOW they will lose. And we make the same reply. Making an appeal is their legal right – but why they do it we can only assume it’s to delay the eventual payment for as long as possible even if this just costs them more money in the long run. I’m sure the legal team at Anfi are delighted to be getting paid their fee for just going through the motions……….but we are not sure how much the shareholders of Anfi really know about this on-going situation and what they would think if they were aware of this consistent and blatant waste of money……

For us the delay is a just a frustrating protocol we have to accept but it doesn’t affect the end result – success for our clients!!

Congratulations again to our Dutch clients and to our Claims Consultant Evi Richter and our Lawyers Eva Gutierrez and Christine Ihmann.

Click here to view the court document

April 1, 2021