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Here we go with ANOTHER High Court victory – this time for our Norwegian clients.

Again, as was reported yesterday, here we have another situation whereby the consistent and patient pursuit of previously established points of law leads to the optimum result…..

In this case it took the court of the first Instance SBT1 took just 3 MONTHS to declare our clients’ contract with Anfi null and void. The law established by the Supreme Court is clear and they showed no hesitation in applying it!! On behalf of our clients they demanded the repayment of 27.666€ PLUS INTEREST

Of course Anfi appealed……but so did we……… as this was another case where the sentence made no reference to the deposits taken illegally within the statutory cooling off period.

As stated previously, the rule established by the Supreme Court regarding the taking of deposits within the statutory cooling off period is absolutely clear, its illegal, and any amounts taken should be repaid in DOUBLE.

This is not the first time a First Court ruling failed to comment on illegal deposits – oversights happen – especially in our local courts where they are dealing with hundreds of cases presented by CLA………..however, we have 100% confidence in the legal process and as expected High Court No5 showed no hesitation in dismissing the appeal from Anfi (as it has no substance) and accepting our appeal there by recognising the infringement of illegal deposits and INCREASING THE AWARDED AMOUNT BY 20.089€ MAKING THE TOTAL AWARDED AMOUNT 47.755€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS COSTS.

As soon as the appeal process started we applied to the court for a provisional execution of the funds to accelerate the eventual collection process. CLA will now approach the court to expedite the collection of these funds.

Congratulations again to our Norwegian clients and to our Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser and our Lawyer Eva Gutierrez.

Click here to view the court document

March 25, 2021