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On Tuesday this week we informed you that Diamond Resorts had made an appeal to the Supreme Court requesting “Clarity” about previous rulings and suggested that there was an element of “contradiction” in some of the preceding rulings issued by the High Courts of Las Palmas?

Today we can inform you that Anfi lodged a similar appeal and again, as with the appeal from Diamond, the Supreme Court declined to even consider its contents!!!

The Supreme Court of Spain, located in Madrid, is the highest court in ALL legal fields (civil and criminal matters, administrative proceedings, labour Law and Military Law) it is the court of last resort which provides finality in all legal issues and generally there is no avenue of appeal.

Not all cases submitted to the Supreme Court are “admitted”. To be “admitted” they need to exceed certain thresholds in terms of importance and relevance. In both these cases the Supreme Court concluded that neither cases warranted any kind of review. In this particular case they stated

“The interest for the appeal to the supreme court, based on contradictory rulings from the high courts is non-existent, because there is already existing jurisprudence and the appealed sentence is not contradictory to the Supreme Courts doctrine”

They are basically saying that the law on this subject is already clear and unambiguous, that the “contradictions” they claim just do not exist, therefor they are not even going to consider studying the case at all. The previous ruling made by the First Instance and the High court stand – THE END!!
Again one has to question the current Management of Anfi……….Canarian Legal Alliance have had 130 Supreme Court rulings in their favour…. Who would even consider challenging that????………. As far as we can see the ONLY people benefitting from making an appeal they know they will lose are the lawyers from Anfi who are no doubt charging Anfi extortionately high fees for this “service”…………given Anfis very public financial difficulties then this just seems like another BIG waste of time and money??

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March 11, 2021