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Today congratulations go to our Norwegian clients who won their case against Anfi.

Today the court of the First Instance SBT 3 declared our clients contract with Anfi null and void and ordered then to repay our clients 44.688€ PLUS INTEREST

Again no trial was deemed necessary and the case was determined in less than 10 MONTHS.

Whilst we are delighted that the courts are now ruling on all our cases with such speed and clarity our next goal is to speed up the recovery of the funds.

For those of you who follow us on a regular basis, you will know that Anfi employs a variety of tactics designed to delay paying the court awarded fees for as long as possible. You will also know that we are wise to these tactics and have our own methods of ensuring that the court is made aware of these tactics and that they put a stop to them…….so watch this space………

Click here to view the court document

October 27, 2020