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Today congratulations go to our Norwegian clients whose contract with Anfi was declared null and void by the court of the First Instance SBT2. Guided by multiple Supreme Court rulings the Judge was in no doubt as to the invalidity of our clients contract and ordered the repayment of 53.029€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS COSTS

The Judge also declared that the accompanying finance contract which our clients signed with Anfi was also null and void and ordered the repayment of the interest they had paid which is fabulous news for our clients.  Like many others our clients were enticed into taking on Anfis own finance package that came with a whopping 11.5% APR………

The court demanded the repayment of 43.838€ for amounts paid on the contract PLUS 6.188€ in respect of the finance interest PLUS 3.003€ for double the amounts paid within the statutory cooling off period ALL PLUS INTEREST AND COSTS

Congratulations again to our Norwegian clients and to our Claims Consultant Michael Gadman and our Lawyer Eva Gutiérrez.

Click here to view the court document

February 17, 2021