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We are delighted to be sharing with you today the news that we have received another direct notification from the bank of Anfi that they are holding on behalf of our clients claim the amount of 33.357€.

That puts the amount currently held by the bank on behalf of our clients at over ONE MILLION EUROS!!

For those of you unfamiliar with bank guarantees this means that our clients’ funds are 100% secure until such time that their sentence is confirmed by the High Court.

As all of you who follow us know Anfi continues to appeal cases that they know they won’t win. In this news section you will see case after case after case where Anfi lose in the First Instance court then proceed to appeal to the High Court knowing they will lose.

They adopt this tactic primarily to stall the procedure for as long as possible, to demoralise our client, who quite frankly has endured enough stress from them already, and because we suspect they have cash flow problems.

Another tactic they adopt is to move funds around various companies and bank accounts trying to fool the court into believing they have no money and to delay making a pay-out for as long as possible.

A Bank guarantee secures our clients funds whilst Anfi play these games. 

We have reported many times that our only goal in this process is to get our clients’ money back and securing a bank guarantee is the final step in this process. Securing bank guarantees takes time and diligence and is something our Lawyers have worked extremely hard to achieve.

Congratulations to our English client and to our Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser and our Lawyer Eva Gutierrez. 

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November 24, 2020