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Celebrating Success: 13 Legal Victories Totaling 448,820€

Canarian Legal Alliance is thrilled to report a remarkable series of legal victories. With an impressive total of 13 wins, our clients are set to receive an astounding 448,820€ in compensation.

We take pride in our eight resounding High Court victories against Anfi, amassing a combined total of 252,820€. In two particularly remarkable instances, one client received a gratifying 29,000€ more than their initial investment, while another was awarded an extra 10,000€, a testament to our steadfast pursuit of justice.

In a triumphant case against Club La Costa (CLC), the High Court ruled in our favour, securing a handsome award of 19,534€ for our client. Notably, this amount exceeded the client’s investment by 10,000€, further emphasising our commitment to secure the best possible outcomes.

Continuing our successful streak, we secured a High Court victory against Continental Resorts. The court’s favourable verdict led to an award of 27,043€ for our client, an amount exceeding their original investment by 7,000€.

In the First Instance court, we upheld our winning streak against Anfi, securing an outstanding 83,929€. Our winning formula proved effective against CLC in another First Instance victory, resulting in an award of 48,131€ for our client, surpassing their investment by 5,000€.

Finally, in a case against MVC, we clinched yet another First Instance victory, with the court awarding our client a commendable 17,636€.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to all our clients. We deeply appreciate your trust in us and assure you of our continued dedication to your cases. A resounding round of applause is due to our indefatigable legal team, whose relentless efforts have resulted in these momentous victories. We remain committed to providing unrivalled legal services, ever striving for the best outcomes for our clients.

July 14, 2023