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Today we are starting the week with another victory against Club La Costa.

The court of the First Instance No3 of Fuengirola declared our Spanish clients’ contract with Club La Costa null and void and ordered them to repay our clients 22.546€ PLUS INTEREST.

Again, prior to the trial, despite the fact that our clients were Spanish, Club La Costa applied to have the case dismissed due to Jurisdiction. This application was DENIED. 

For those of you who have been following our progress you will know Club La Costa tried to deny previous clients their legal redress in Spain by claiming the trial should come under the UK judicial system referring to a somewhat dubious clause in their contract…..Applying the principles previously established by the High Court of Malaga, the first court of Fuengirola dismissed the claim. As dictated by the High Court the clients bought in Spain and paid their deposit in Spain and are therefore entitled to the full protection of the Spanish Courts.

Congratulations again to our Spanish clients and to our Claims Consultant Jake Kaiser and our Lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez.

Click here to view the court document

December 21, 2020