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Today we are celebrating with our German clients after being notified of their victory against Club La Costa.

The court of the First Instance No 4 in Fuengirola declared our clients’ contract with Club la Costa null and void and ordered them to repay out clients 41.448€ PLUS INTEREST PLUS LEGAL FEES

Again this claim reflects the impact of taking deposits illegally within the statutory cooling off period.

As established by the Supreme Court, taking deposits within the statutory cooling off period is strictly forbidden and carries a penalty of having to repay the amount in double.

In this particular case, the court awarded our clients 20.448€ in respect of cancelling their contract but then added a further 21.000€ compensation for amounts taken from them illegally within the statutory cooling off period thereby DOUBLING the awarded amount!!! Congratulations again to our German client and to our Claims Consultant Michael Gadman and our Lawyer Oscar Salvador Santana Gonzalez    

Click here to view the court document

October 28, 2020