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oday we wanted to share with you some interesting news regarding Diamond Resorts.

For some reason Diamond Resort decided to challenge the Supreme Court by requesting “Clarity” about previous rulings and suggested that there was an element of “contradiction” in some of the preceding High Court rulings?

This was somewhat baffling to us given that 130 SUPREME COURT rulings have already been passed……YOU DON’T GET MUCH CLEARER THAN THAT!!!

It also appears to have been somewhat baffling to the Supreme Court who did not think the appeal from Diamond Resorts was even worth considering…….indeed the Supreme Court were not sure from their appeal what exactly they were appealing about!!!! The Supreme Court refused to consider the appeal simply stating that as the HIGHEST COURT IN SPAIN they had no need to further expand or “clarify” the points of law they had previously CLEARLY established and further confirmed that the High Court ruling Diamond was using as an example of inconsistency was in indeed perfectly CONSISTENT AND IN HARMONY with previous rulings.

So there you have it!!!

Some may say challenging the Supreme Court for “clarity” about their own rulings was a bold move…….some would say it was just a stupid attempt to delay proceedings even further…….we will let you decide for yourself…….

Click here to view the court document

March 2, 2021