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Ensure you get your dates right.

How many of us write our dates in an abbreviated form such as 1/1/20?

Most of us do, but this year it is very important to write the year in full especially when it comes to any financial and legal documents or even if you use the old system of writing cheques!

But this year it is a rather unique situation as using the abbreviated form leaves it open to change, the date 1/1/20 can easily be changed to 1/1/2002 or any other date for that matter.

A notarised document which is marked with a stamp/seal with the date verifying the signature on the document is genuine, as a legal document, it also confirms the identity of the person signing and the signatures of witnesses. As the document it is validated from the date of issue, therefore, the date plays a very important role.

A good example would be rent agreement if the dates on the agreement showing the length of the rental contract are 1/1/20 to 1/11/20, you would automatically take it that the agreement is for 11 months. But, the year could be changed to say 1/11/21 which now makes the contract valid for 1 year and 11 months. For the renter, this is not a problem but for the landlord, this would cause significant problems.

So remember when dating any document it is very advisable to write the year on the date in full as 1/1/2020 or use the full format which is more advisable such as 1 Jan 2020.

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January 21, 2020

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