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2019, The Year In Brief

If we thought 2018 was a good year then 2019 has been phenomenal, we have seen the courts entirely changing how they deal with cases and the proliferation of enforcement orders.

In total CLA has 1795 live cases at court, with this figure set to rise in the new year. In 2019 alone we presented to date 392 new ordinary claims (plus claims for enforcement of sentence).

This year we have also received more than 12,000 notifications from the courts, which means that 57 notifications arrive per day throughout this past year. This does not even include the presentation of all writs, documents that we had to send to court! So well done girls you have done a marvellous job.

Hearings, pre-trial and trial, the total number so far this year is a staggering 736, this means that our lawyers had to attend 3.5 hearings each day throughout the year! The good news is this figure will get lower, this is not because there will be less work but rather, more and more judges are realising that there is no need for the actual hearing (full trial)they can make the decisions based solely on the documentation presented by our lawyers.

Sentences: During the past year we have received 443 sentences with a claim volume of 16.5 Million Euros awarded to our clients, Also 2019 saw a record sentence against Anfi with more than 300,000€ awarded by the court.

We also received more judgements from the Supreme Court, CLA now has a total of 130 from Spains Highest Court. This year we have seen judgments against Silverpoint, Anfi, Puerto Calma, Palm Oasis, Diamond Resorts and the Supreme Court rejecting to study an appeal by Club la Costa!

In total there have been around 600 appeals, either by the timeshare companies or by our own lawyers on behalf of clients.

We should also congratulate Eva Gutiérreez and Judith Diaz Pascual for their very fine efforts with the enforcement action. Provisional and appeal enforcements number now more that 200.

So fr these have resulted in around 3 Million Euros in payouts.

Where the timeshare companies do not want to pay as ordered, our enforcement team now reports them to the State Attorney. Eva leads her team and continues to apply pressure on Anfi and SVP with her extremely well-detailed claims for possible crimes of hiding funds.

So that is 2019 in a nutshell, somehow we think that 2020 will break even more records.

To all our clients, potential clients and all the staff at CLA we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

December 23, 2019

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