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Maintenance Fee Arrears Demands and COVID 19 Update from Anfi

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been receiving emails from many of our Anfi clients regarding demands for payment of maintenance fees for 2020, asking if they should pay as demanded.

These arrears notices are automatically generated by computer and sent out via email en masse from a no-reply email address. This is also the reason that they are not personalised and addressed to “Dear Member”, therefore the individual circumstances of the addresses are not taken into consideration. 

Those clients who have already received a favourable ruling by declaring their contract null and void, independently if this ruling is provisional or firm, DO NOT have to pay this fee, nor reply to the letter. 

For those clients whose case is already ongoing in the courts at any other stage, therefore the contract is under official legal dispute, please contact our team to advise on the further steps, if you have not done that before. 

 If you have not been informed that your case has been filed at the court,  or recommended to stop paying, then please contact our team for further instructions, as not paying could be seen as you are “in breach of contract”.  

With the current situation and the closure of resorts, many may not be able to use their weeks this year, yet maintenance is still required to be paid. Anfi has been offering a voucher to “save” these unused weeks and use them next year, unfortunately, there is just one snag.

In order to receive this voucher and save this year’s weeks, Anfi requires members to sign the new contract to comply with current legislation. If you sign this new contract which Anfi has been trying to convince members to do so for the past 3 years, you then lose all your legal rights to contest your original “illegal” contract in the courts. 

Therefore we see this type of pressure  unethical, having in mind that all closed businesses due to covid 19 have to compensate their clients without any further conditions or changing the terms of their services without taking advantage of the vulnerability of their clients.

If you have any concerns on any of the matter mentioned above please contact whoever is your liaison for your case and they will be happy to help.

June 26, 2020

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