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September Triumphs: Canarian Legal Alliance Recovers Over 700K€ for Our Clients

We’re excited to announce a change in our communication strategy. Going forward, our updates will be consolidated and presented at the end of each month, offering a comprehensive overview of our achievements and latest news. This format will ensure you stay informed without being overwhelmed by frequent notifications.

You may have noticed the absence of updates in August. This was due to the customary summer closure of the courts. As they resume their operations, we’re back in full swing, fighting for our clients.

Throughout the month, our dedicated team has helped numerous clients in their battles against timeshare companies, ensuring that they receive not only what they initially invested but often significantly more. Here are the standout numbers:

  • Overall: We have secured a total of 17 victories, recovering a combined sum of 704,855€ for our clients.
  • Marriott First Instance: Out of two victories, we have recovered 122,650€. Remarkably, one client was awarded 10K€ more than their original payment, while another received an additional 17K€.
  • Marriott High Court: A significant win resulted in the recovery of 51,204€, with the client receiving 12K€ more than their initial outlay.
  • Hilton First Instance: We secured 93,289€, with a notable 24K€ more than the initial payment.
  • Anfi High Court: Our clients reaped the benefits of six victories, amounting to 204,170€. Of these, one client received an extra 12K€, another 24K€, and a third saw a boost of 16K€.
  • Anfi First Instance: This case concluded with a recovery of 69,648€.
  • Silverpoint First Instance: Two victories here, securing a total of 74,891€. One fortunate client received an extra 12K€, while another obtained an additional 3.1K€.
  • Club La Costa: Here we celebrated a victory, recovering 25,000€, of which the client was awarded 5K€ more than their primary expenditure.
  • Club La Costa First Instance: An achievement worth 33,614€ was secured here.
  • Puerto Calma – Mercantile Court: Our efforts bore fruit with a victory amounting to 16,770€.
  • Pueblo Evita First Instance: This case was closed with a winning amount of 13,619€.

These figures not only symbolise our unwavering commitment but also showcase our proficiency in the complex world of timeshare legalities. To our esteemed clients: thank you for entrusting us with your cases.

October 30, 2023