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CLA October Roundup: Celebrating Our Victories!

As we wrap up another successful month at CLA, we’re excited to share our October achievements with you. Our relentless pursuit of justice has led to remarkable victories, reaffirming our commitment to your rights and satisfaction.

Triumphs at Anfi

•   High Court Victories: A total of 14 victories at the Anfi High Court, bringing in a whopping €558,301. Notable wins include additional compensations for clients, with one receiving €21,000 more, another €10,000 more, and several others with significant top-ups.
•   Mercantile Court Victory: Marking a substantial win, we secured €88,558, which is €34,000 more than what our client initially paid.

Marriott Vacation Club Successes

•   High Court Victories: Our expertise led to 2 victories at the MVC High Court, accumulating a total of €95,840.
•   First Instance Victories: Demonstrating our proficiency, we achieved 4 victories at MVC First Instance, totaling €196,955. Impressively, one client received €61,000 more than their initial payment.

Hilton and Other Victories

•   Hilton First Instance Victory: A remarkable win with €113,973 awarded, €20,000 more than the payment.
•   Hilton High Court Victory: We secured €50,514 for our client.
•   CLC High Court Victory: A notable success with a payout of €31,176.
•   P Calma High Court Victory: Triumphed with a €10,728 award.

Total Success: Across these cases, we’ve achieved 25 victories, securing a grand total of €1,146,045 for our clients.

Your trust in us fuels our dedication to fight for your rights. We are thrilled to share these victories and look forward to more success stories together.

November 22, 2023