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November Update

We are filled with pride and gratitude. Our team’s unwavering commitment and legal expertise have led to a landmark month, marked by an impressive series of victories in various courts. This month’s performance not only signifies our dedication to justice but also reinforces our position as a leading advocate for consumer rights. In the following article, we share the details of our triumphant journey through the courts, showcasing the significant victories we have secured for our clients.

Impressive Wins at Anfi

  • High Court Success: At the Anfi High Court, we secured 17 victories, totaling €795,622. Notably, several clients received significantly more than they paid for their timeshares, with additional compensations ranging from €5,000 to €34,000.
  • Mercantile Court Triumphs: At the Anfi Mercantile Court, another 17 victories were achieved, bringing in €683,337. In these cases, clients received up to €25,000 more than we predicted.

Victories at Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI)

  • High Court Victory: In a significant win, we secured €15,624 against MVCI in the High Court.
  • First Instance Success: We also celebrated 2 victories against MVCI in the First Instance court, with a total of €42,699. One of these cases saw a client receiving an additional €6,000.

More Achievements against Silverpoint and Palm Oasis

  • Silverpoint First Instance Wins: Our success against Silverpoint in the First Instance court was particularly noteworthy, with 2 victories amounting to €497,188. One client benefitted from an extra €40,000, while another received €200,000 more than their initial payment.
  • Palm Oasis First Instance Victory: Additionally, we achieved another victory against Palm Oasis in the First Instance, securing €21,400 for our client.

Canarian Legal Alliance remain in our mission to deliver justice and peace of mind to our clients. We celebrate these victories and look forward to more success stories in the future.

December 13, 2023