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Triumphs in Court – A Summary of Our Recent Victories

The past month has been a period of significant achievements for Canarian Legal Alliance, as we’ve successfully navigated a series of complex legal battles. Our dedicated team has secured a total of 22 victories across various courts, amounting to an impressive €1,805,608 in compensation for our clients. These victories include:

  • High Court Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI): Achieved 2 victories with a total of €164,444, including a notable win where one client received an additional €25,000.
  • First Instance vs. MVCI: Secured 2 victories, totalling €186,535, with one client receiving €6,000 more and another an extraordinary €54,000 more.
  • High Court Anfi: 4 victories amounting to €159,303, with compensations of €4,000 and €12,000 extra for two clients.
  • Mercantile Court Anfi: A remarkable 9 victories, bringing in €281,283. Various clients received additional compensations, ranging from €8,000 to €20,000.
  • First Instance Silverpoint: 3 significant victories with a total of €892,861, including additional compensations of €27,000 and €14,000 for two clients.
  • First Instance Continental Resorts: Secured €46,557 in a singular victory.
  • High Court Tenelora Resorts: Achieved a victory with €21,722 awarded.
  • Mercantile Court vs. Puerto Calma: A successful case resulting in €52,903.

These victories not only reflect our legal acumen but also our commitment to upholding and defending the rights of our clients. We remain dedicated to pursuing justice and ensuring fair outcomes for those we represent.

January 12, 2024