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Six Victories Totalling 274,056€ Against Major Resort’s

Plaintiffs awarded substantial sums in a decisive week of legal triumphs against ANFI, MVCI, CLC, and SVP, with several clients receiving amounts significantly greater than their original payments.

The past week has witnessed an unyielding series of courtroom victories against prominent resort corporations, ANFI, MVCI, CLC, and SVP. A total of six triumphant rulings amounted to a substantial 274,056€ in awards.

ANFI found itself on the losing end of three High Court decisions, with total awards reaching 64,032€. Notably, one of the clients walked away with a surplus of 9,000€ beyond their original investment, a remarkable turn of events that echoes the wider trend of the week.

The High Court dealt a significant blow to MVCI (Marriott Vacation Club International) with a major award of 112,130€. This marked the highest single payout of the week, with the client receiving an astonishing 47,000€ more than they had initially paid to MVCI.

Further success was found in the First Instance Court, with CLC (Club La Costa) ordered to pay a sizable sum of 76,331€. Once again, the plaintiff was awarded more than their original payment, in this case by an impressive 28,000€. This reinforces the strong precedent set throughout the week, holding resort companies to account for their actions.

The last victory of this exceptional week was a First Instance ruling against SVP, with the plaintiff awarded 21,563€. This capped off a remarkable series of legal triumphs that has sent shockwaves through the resort industry.

Collectively, these landmark victories have made a profound impact, standing as a testament to the pursuit of justice for aggrieved resort clients. The substantial amounts awarded, particularly those exceeding the clients’ original payments, send a strong message to corporations about their legal and ethical obligations. The plaintiffs now await the collection of their awards, marking the close of an extraordinary week in court.

July 28, 2023