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Supreme Court in Madrid rejects various appeals presented by Anfi and Palm Oasis

It had to happen, in the last months the Supreme Court in Madrid has rejected various appeals
presented by Anfi and Palm Oasis, based on the rulings the court had previously made in similar
The probability is very high that the court will reject more similar cases in the future, based on the
unification of doctrine done in the past years in more than 85 favorable sentences to our clients.
Although all cases presented to the Highest Ranking Court in Spain will be studied and decided on an
individual basis for approval for further investigation, we foresee a tendency to reject more and more
appeals presented by the timeshare resorts.
This happened to one of our Norwegian clients. CLA has won his case at the High Court of Las Palmas,
but Anfi appealed this decision to the Supreme Court. They have rejected to study the case on the
grounds they had ruled on these matters on numerous occasions and this has led to one of our record
payouts last year of over 105.000€
Obviously, this is a major development for our clients, as the sentences can be enforced in a much
speedier manor, without the lengthy process of waiting for appeals to the Supreme Court. A process that
takes up a lot of time and is seen merely as a delaying tactic on behalf of the resorts.
This comes hand in hand with some of other favourable developments for our clients: more and more
judges make a ruling without an actual hearing basing their decision on the Supreme court ́s rulings
and the writ we present. All this fastens the legal procedure to fight for justice for our misled clients.
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February 15, 2018

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