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We are delighted to be ending this week with some fabulous news for our German clients………

By the time you read this post our clients will have received 23.520€ into their bank account!!!

After the horror that was 2020, our clients can now start their New Year on a much more positive note knowing that their battle with Anfi is over and that the money they were awarded by the court is now safely deposited into their bank account.

Our clients’ case followed the same path as many other previous cases. They won their case in the court of the first instance……Anfi appealed…….their appeal was rejected by the High Court………Anfi were ordered to repay our clients 9.520€ in respect of the contract amount PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 14.000€ in respect of deposits taken illegally within the statutory cooling off period…….Anfi don’t pay voluntarily…………

As you will see from many previous postings Anfi try to delay making any payments for as long as possible by claiming they have no funds. In fact just recently you can find an article in our press section  highlighting the current ongoing criminal investigations into the movement of funds by Anfi in order to evade paying judicial sentences.

……… our legal team began the task of finding these “non-existent” funds and advising the court where to look. In this particular case you will see that the amount was collected in 3 amounts from 3 different sources…………RESULT!!

Congratulations again to our German clients – we hope that in these difficult and challenging times this money makes their lives a little easier.

Congratulations also to the whole team at CLA and in this particular case to our Claims Consultant Evi Richter and to our Lawyers Eva Gutierrez and Christine Ihmann.

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January 8, 2021