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Celebrating 16 Victories and a Total of 895,487€ in Compensation!

We are absolutely thrilled to end this week on a high note, sharing some incredible news with all of you. Our legal battles against industry giants have yielded exceptional results, resulting in a total compensation of a staggering 895,487€ for our esteemed clients. The unwavering dedication of our team and the pursuit of justice have once again proven victorious, and we cannot contain our excitement as we unveil the remarkable details of these extraordinary triumphs!

7 High Court Victories against Anfi – 241,258€: In a true display of legal prowess, we have emerged victorious in not just one or two, but seven cases against Anfi in the High Court. The combined compensation for these triumphs amounts to an impressive 241,258€. What’s truly astonishing is that several of our clients received significantly more than what they initially paid. One client was awarded a mind-blowing 5,000€ above their original investment, while others celebrated an additional 7,000€ and 3,000€, respectively. These outcomes exemplify our unwavering commitment to securing justice for our clients.

2 High Court Victories against MVCI – 75,808€: Our pursuit of justice extended to MVCI, where we achieved resounding success in two significant cases, resulting in a combined compensation of 75,808€. In one instance, our client was granted an astounding 20,000€ more than the amount they originally paid. This remarkable victory stands as a testament to the strength of our legal arguments and the relentless determination of our team.

4 First Instance Victories against MVCI – 95,499€: We are delighted to announce that we have secured victories in four cases against MCI at the First Instance level. The total compensation awarded in these cases amounts to an impressive 95,499€. Notably, one client was awarded a remarkable 6,000€ more than their initial investment, while another rejoiced at an outstanding bonus of 9,000€. These successes reinforce our unwavering commitment to fight for every euro our clients are owed.

1 First Instance Victory against SVP – 329,900€: Prepare to be amazed! In an unprecedented triumph against SVP, we have emerged victorious in a First Instance case, securing a monumental compensation amount of 329,900€. This astonishing figure represents a staggering 165,000€ more than our client’s initial payment. This remarkable outcome highlights the strength of our legal arguments and the tenacity of our team in securing substantial financial relief for our clients.

1 First Instance Victory against CLC – 48,421€: Against all odds, we have emerged triumphant in a First Instance case against CLC, securing a well-deserved compensation of 48,421€. Remarkably, our client received an additional 3,000€ on top of their original investment. This extraordinary achievement serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to fight for every euro owed to our clients.

1 High Court Victory against SVP – 104,601€: Prepare to be astounded once again! In an extraordinary legal triumph, we have prevailed in a High Court case against SVP, resulting in an exceptional compensation amount of 104,601€. This victory stands as a testament to the tenacity and expertise of our legal team, as we successfully secured justice and substantial financial relief for our client.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our clients for their well-deserved victories. We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our exceptional Claims Consultant, Jake Kaiser, and our accomplished lawyer, Eva Gutierrez. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in propelling us to new heights of success.

June 9, 2023