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Enforcement of Sentence Action Forces Anfi to Comply with Court Orders

Canarian Legal Alliance has achieved yet another blow against Anfi on behalf of one of their clients after Anfi delayed making payments awarded by the Supreme Court.

This has been an ongoing problem which our lawyers have addressed with a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to file “execution of sentence” orders which forces Anfi to pay the amounts awarded into court accounts.

The team has now gone one step further, they filed on behalf of the client a petition to the court for an “Administrator” to be appointed on behalf of the “creditor” our client. This is a similar procedure as appointing an administrator for the liquidation of a company.

The court agreed to appoint this administrator and a date was set for their official appointment, to investigate Anfi accounts and find a way to manage the payments.

On the day of the hearing, in a move which did not surprise our lawyers, Anfi appeared at the court and paid over 52,000€ into the court for settlement of our client’s claim. We can only assume that Anfi realised the impact this would have on their business and decided to circumvent the process for the time being.

So it is with great pleasure we congratulate our client and the legal team behind this very important move.

May 30, 2019

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