Press Release

On 19 June 2018, a representative from Canarian Legal Alliance attended the hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, Upper Tribunal, Tax and Chancery Division, to represent the interests of one of our clients. These clients had been sold timeshare in Malta by Azure Resorts…

CLA was LOUD from Success

Yes, just a week ago Canarian Legal Alliance was loud whilst celebrating justice for misled timeshare consumers. At the the beginning of April CLA once again made Spanish legal history, with the 100th ruling from the Supreme Court, the highest raking court in Spain. With all these rulings we…

Fake calls alert

We would like to warn all our clients of the following activities of a fake law firm(s) contacting clients claiming to be calling on behalf or working with Canarian Legal Alliance.   They present themselves as Abogados Lopez, but could be called by another name….

Is timeshare an investment?

Is timeshare an investment? A timeshare can be many things. Joyful holidays (or nightmares), family memories (or long life debts) quality accommodations (or not), and fixed relax time (or no availaility) etc. What a timeshare can not be is an investment! Timeshare is not an investment,…

We would  like to issue the following warning

Another company misusing our name has come to our attention:  Worldwide Timeshares Unlimited, with the website On this website they claim to be working closely with Canarian Legal Alliance and also showing our logo. They also show many of the items from our news section,…


Many of our clients have recently contacted us for relevant information  regarding a television program called Rip Off Britain in which they expose a supposedly fake lawyer/ law firm.  This program was aired several weeks ago, and we, as a law firm welcome any initiative…

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